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What are red-light cameras used for?

What are red-light cameras used for?

In the world at any moment someone makes a traffic offense, there is an accident, a robbery, and the like. Security cameras that are privately set up cannot help us so much. That’s why there are fictional cameras on traffic lights that can help us with some things, such as who caused an accident, a car made a traffic violation or a car that escaped thieves.

Red light cameras were first invented by the Dutch company Gatso 1960’s and first used in traffic in Israel in early 1969. The first presentation of this camera was in 1965. The first serious use of this camera was the 80’s in New York when the driver strolled red the light hit the girl who eventually ended up in wheelchairs. As technology developed, the cameras were developing so that all these cameras are now digital.

These cameras are positioned at traffic lights in metal boxes and have a very large range. The operation of this camera has two stages. The first one is immediately before passing through the red light where the speed at which the driver drove. The second stage is painting a vehicle with a picture that is a red light and painting a license plate.

Helping in police work and saving lives

A red light camera is used worldwide. Initially, it was used in large cities, and now almost every country is covered by these cameras. The country that is best known for these cameras is the UK. In this country, except when an accident or robbery occurs, the police are performing. All streets are covered, and the punishment comes to your home address with all evidence of a violation.

According to a 2003 report, the NCHRP announced that the number of accidents and violations has decreased by 30% in several countries. They also conducted a driver analysis with the question of whether they support the line light camera system, and as many as 69% said it was flaunting.

Although there is a yellow light that indicates slowing down and stopping, many drivers then give the gas thinking they can penetrate, but in the meantime, they turn red, and the camera immediately records it. Also, some drivers and analysts think that it would be much better to abolish the camera, but instead extend the length of the yellow light.

This camera is very useful in saving lives. How? Any driver caught can be severely punished, and even with the revocation of a license and a ban on driving a vehicle. So we succeed to exclude aggressive and ruthless drivers from traffic. So, drive safe, and carefully, you can save first of all your life and others life.