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The night that changed everything


At the university I was withdrawn, I did not drink often, and it would usually be a couple of drinks in a bar. I did not go for student parties, it did not attract me. But one night I thought about making an exception. I agreed with my two others to go to a party. The argument they managed to address me was one of the girls I liked and whom I did not know, and I was not able to get in. Knowing that she will be there too. Many say that when you drink a little, you’re ready for everything, so I thought that alcohol gave me some courage to approach her to ask for a number or arrange a meeting.

Since I was not an adult, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to buy alcohol, at least for us. Looking for help from the elderly, we did not pay off because they were very much looking for a service. We decided to rob a small beverage store located at the end of the city. Easy target, dropped, cannot catch us. The plan was perfect.

Everything was OK. A friend picked us up in a car campus and headed for the store. We got some masks so that we would not recognize the camera because we did not know what the security system was. We did not have the opportunity to check because whenever one of us entered, we would immediately look for ID card and we should automatically exit.

We parked in front of the shop to make it easier for us to flee. They went into the shop and threatened that this was a robbery. We planned to take only a drink and nothing more. However, at that moment the other person who drove pulled out the pistol, pointed to the seller and asked to empty the ticket. We took a bottle of vodka and some energy drink while he took from the cash box nearly $ 200.

We flew out of the shop and fled to the party. At one point, a policeman approaches me at a party. It turned out that a friend stole a car from his father as well as pistols.


At the court, I come to the knowledge that the man we robbed for two shifts in that store to support the family. They caught us with the red light camera. I was sentenced to 16 months in prison for heavy robbery. For 16 months, it was something terrible in life. Upon leaving, I decided to set up a club where people gather for the advice of all kinds and to prevent them from happening to me. We also collect voluntary contributions to help the man we robbed. I work in this store for the sake of guilty conscience and to help a man spend more time with his family as my father spent with me. I also worked to help people that were suffering from drug addiction that were going to prison. I found good drug rehab centers that I could refer people to like The Recovery Village Ohio.