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10 Reasons to Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering your time for a good cause and are looking for a good reason to do so, you are in luck. There are many good ones. Here are 10 of the best:

1. It Helps Your Career

Having volunteering experience can actually help your career. Many companies and recruiters put great value on such experience.

2. You Can Learn New Skills

Volunteering can provide you with a whole range of new skills that will help you in life. This includes the ability to problem solve, to work well within a team and to learn how to deal with a mix of different people.

3. You Can Help Change the World

Wherever you choose to volunteer, you can make a big difference. You can help improve the lives of those in your community, or perhaps even throughout the world.

4. You Can Meet New People

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to meet people. People you might not ever have met otherwise. This can include fellow volunteers and those you help, and this can turn into lifelong friendships.

5. You Can Find a Purpose in Life

Perhaps you haven’t quite figured out your unique purpose in this world. Volunteering can help you find it, by exposing you to opportunities you never knew existed, and by letting you experience situations you never knew you’d enjoy.

6. You Can Build Your Self-Confidence

By volunteering, you can build up your self-confidence, by achieving things you never thought possible. Making accomplishments will naturally lead you into believing that you can accomplish anything.

7. It Can Get You Off the Couch

If you are tired sitting around the house, volunteering can give you a great excuse for leaving it. It can get outside into the real world, where you can have all sorts of experiences.

8. You Can Help a Cause You Care About

Everybody has a cause that they are passion about, whether it be animals or the environment or helping those less fortunate. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to have a real impact on whatever it is you care about.

9. It Can Improve Your Health

Volunteering can make you healthier, by making you more physically active. It can also improve your psychological well being, too.

10. It Can Be a Lot of Fun

Volunteering for a cause you believe in can be very enjoyable. It can be as fun as any leisure activity you can imagine.


What are red-light cameras used for?

What are red-light cameras used for?

In the world at any moment someone makes a traffic offense, there is an accident, a robbery, and the like. Security cameras that are privately set up cannot help us so much. That’s why there are fictional cameras on traffic lights that can help us with some things, such as who caused an accident, a car made a traffic violation or a car that escaped thieves.

Red light cameras were first invented by the Dutch company Gatso 1960’s and first used in traffic in Israel in early 1969. The first presentation of this camera was in 1965. The first serious use of this camera was the 80’s in New York when the driver strolled red the light hit the girl who eventually ended up in wheelchairs. As technology developed, the cameras were developing so that all these cameras are now digital.

These cameras are positioned at traffic lights in metal boxes and have a very large range. The operation of this camera has two stages. The first one is immediately before passing through the red light where the speed at which the driver drove. The second stage is painting a vehicle with a picture that is a red light and painting a license plate.

Helping in police work and saving lives

A red light camera is used worldwide. Initially, it was used in large cities, and now almost every country is covered by these cameras. The country that is best known for these cameras is the UK. In this country, except when an accident or robbery occurs, the police are performing. All streets are covered, and the punishment comes to your home address with all evidence of a violation.

According to a 2003 report, the NCHRP announced that the number of accidents and violations has decreased by 30% in several countries. They also conducted a driver analysis with the question of whether they support the line light camera system, and as many as 69% said it was flaunting.

Although there is a yellow light that indicates slowing down and stopping, many drivers then give the gas thinking they can penetrate, but in the meantime, they turn red, and the camera immediately records it. Also, some drivers and analysts think that it would be much better to abolish the camera, but instead extend the length of the yellow light.

This camera is very useful in saving lives. How? Any driver caught can be severely punished, and even with the revocation of a license and a ban on driving a vehicle. So we succeed to exclude aggressive and ruthless drivers from traffic. So, drive safe, and carefully, you can save first of all your life and others life.


The night that changed everything


At the university I was withdrawn, I did not drink often, and it would usually be a couple of drinks in a bar. I did not go for student parties, it did not attract me. But one night I thought about making an exception. I agreed with my two others to go to a party. The argument they managed to address me was one of the girls I liked and whom I did not know, and I was not able to get in. Knowing that she will be there too. Many say that when you drink a little, you’re ready for everything, so I thought that alcohol gave me some courage to approach her to ask for a number or arrange a meeting.

Since I was not an adult, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to buy alcohol, at least for us. Looking for help from the elderly, we did not pay off because they were very much looking for a service. We decided to rob a small beverage store located at the end of the city. Easy target, dropped, cannot catch us. The plan was perfect.

Everything was OK. A friend picked us up in a car campus and headed for the store. We got some masks so that we would not recognize the camera because we did not know what the security system was. We did not have the opportunity to check because whenever one of us entered, we would immediately look for ID card and we should automatically exit.

We parked in front of the shop to make it easier for us to flee. They went into the shop and threatened that this was a robbery. We planned to take only a drink and nothing more. However, at that moment the other person who drove pulled out the pistol, pointed to the seller and asked to empty the ticket. We took a bottle of vodka and some energy drink while he took from the cash box nearly $ 200.

We flew out of the shop and fled to the party. At one point, a policeman approaches me at a party. It turned out that a friend stole a car from his father as well as pistols.


At the court, I come to the knowledge that the man we robbed for two shifts in that store to support the family. They caught us with the red light camera. I was sentenced to 16 months in prison for heavy robbery. For 16 months, it was something terrible in life. Upon leaving, I decided to set up a club where people gather for the advice of all kinds and to prevent them from happening to me. We also collect voluntary contributions to help the man we robbed. I work in this store for the sake of guilty conscience and to help a man spend more time with his family as my father spent with me. I also worked to help people that were suffering from drug addiction that were going to prison. I found good drug rehab centers that I could refer people to like The Recovery Village Ohio.


My Early Life


I was born in a small town Winslow in Arizona. My mother was a teacher and the father of an economist. I had one younger sister. I finished primary and secondary school there. I was a great dog. I went to various competitions in mathematics, physics, geography. I also liked sports. Every day after school, I would get together with the company for an hour to play basketball. The sport has always been a kind of hobby until I start high school, I met the psychology that was most interesting to me at that moment. I read a lot about it, and I thought that one day I could deal with helping people.


My favorite psychologist was Freud. Simply that, his thinking encouraged me to learn more about the human soul and psyche. That’s why I decided to study psychology after high school. It was not easy to type, but I worked diligently and eventually succeeded.

As a boy, I knew I was a little naughty. I was able to make a joke on everyone’s account, but I also accepted the joke. I mostly liked my father to bake. He was always serious, and I smiled him with his pranks.

Reading so much about psychology, I realized that stress is our greatest enemy. I indirectly encouraged people to be less stressed by talking to them about anything they did not think about their problems, and that’s what I was doing with my hand. My friend had a difficult family situation. He lived with a single mother, and I often came to cheer him up, and I was urging him to graduate from college to make it easier for his mother to do what he did and become one of the better lawyers.

Sometimes they laughed at me in high school, seeing me reading books on holidays, related to psychology by telling me that I would be as crazy as other psychologists. I did not mind that, and I did not pay attention.


I was still young but mature enough to listen to people and give them advice that might have helped them make decisions. I never liked to persuade people what to do. I thought it was manipulating that’s why I always spoke indirectly and emphasized that it was my advice and that I might have done so. Many listened to me, realizing that I know how to share tips. Even my professor of psychology was delighted with my way of thinking.

Began to study and thought my life was perfect. I met new faculty friends with whom I could talk all night about problems and solve them together. But everything changed one night.